The Many Deaths of Goodbyes



The funny thing about achieving the “dream life”, the one that you have planned over years of conversations, through endless hours of busy thoughts is that when it does materialize, it transforms into REALITY. So often reality includes many small day to day events that somehow do not fit the picture. The software for “dream life” planning neglects these small irritations, presumably because if they were to be included in the ultimate plan, it would not appear so idyllic. While Jeremy and I have always thought of ourselves as being realistic in our expectations of boat living and the cruising life, we still did not expect to go over budget and neglected to remember that boats don’t pull up conveniently near to the entrance to the marina. Having exceeded budget, we will live on an almost complete boat, with an almost complete galley and an almost complete “heads” for some months until we can earn additional funds to make things perfect.

We walk 500 meters to the shower and 500 meters back daily, we have become marathon walkers,walking kilometers daily in the execution of daily life. Of course there is an “up” side to all this walking, like fitness, conversations with various interesting people along the way, encounters with enormous Cape Fur Seals and thinking twice about “popping out” to the shop and saving money. But every now and then the “complaining mind” rears it’s head. When it does I look over to the row of Cormorants babbling metres from my “front door” and it all seems like a great idea again.

Any transistion must have a settling in period. After settling M in her student accommodation, saying goodbye to G who is returning to his job in Korea, saying farewell to life in a house with pets, trees, nurtured pot plants, precious objects collected over the years and saying goodbye to our “old life” I realize I am in a small state of mourning.

We have become “Grottie Yotties”. We are discovering tight budgets, simple meals, board games and the many deaths of goodbyes.