The Challenge of Inevitable Departure




SY Jerrican sailing off Kalk Bay, Cape Town



Things are escalating into a crazed frenzy of activity. We MAY be leaving in 4 weeks (more about this another time, don’t want to jinx anything), but what this means is that the work we had planned to complete over the next 6 months will have to be completed in 1 month. This is of course quite mad, but we need to try. I accept that not all will be completed and that we will have to cultivate an attitude of contentment towards the aspects of our boat home that will remain less than perfect for a little while. However, the non negotiable tasks are themselves quite overwhelming at times. I have a week of full time sewing of pockets, bags, covers and shade awnings. We need to complete our “heads” story and given that we have chosen the non conventional (although gaining in popularity) dry toilet option, this requires lots of thought and planning as we are breaking some new ground with this. We need to have stainless steel work done in the form of grab rails and a design for the saloon bench, we have all the ceilings on the boat to complete, water makers to install, foul weather gear to purchase, safety harnesses, life rafts . . . . draws in the galley, floor boards to be secured, lockers to be sealed and completed, hard dodgers to be installed . . and then all of this is to be done by the end of June, when, if all goes to plan we leave, turn South and then East and then head to Chagos. It all seems a bit surreal, but, academically possible. On the positive side . . . . there is nothing like a little pressure to motivate one to move. We had become a little complacent over the last few months. Enjoying boat life alongside in a marina. SY Jerrican acted as a committee boat for the Western Province Dinghy Championships, we have enjoyed a few fishing trips and have generally been just a little lazy!


SY Jerrican as Committee Boat

Western Province Dinghy Championships 2014