We are Leaving! Tomorrow . . .


We are leaving . . . .tomorrow. This has been the mantra of the last two weeks as we make final preparations for the long journey to Gan, Maldives and then from there to Chagos. We are expedition boat for an expedition and filming company. This unexpected charter left us rushing to complete carpentry and finishing work that we had thought we would do in 6 months. There are certain heroes in this story, one of whom is Jason of Jays Kitchens who jumped into the incomplete carpentry with so much enthusiasm. He has worked 7 day weeks, sometimes until late at night on Jerrican, adding the value of his keen skills. Carpentry work is tricky, but especially tricky in a confined space with all the odd angles and shapes that a boat is made up of. But it is not only Jason’s skills but his enthusiasm which has carried us through the absolute chaos of the last month.

Jason, our carpentry hero!

Jason, our carpentry hero!

Chaos of the last month

Rubbiks Cube!

So, we will now leave . . . tomorrow morning. The last of the food should be loaded later today. I am running last minute errands that include finding specialised fan belt spares for our alternator, more screws, an extra flask, more Rye Vita biscuits . . . . a standby inverter for charging things. The list is endless. I have not yet had time to think about weather, what it is going to be like out there, how are we going to cope, are we strong enough, young enough, old enough, wise enough, skilled enough, brave enough.