Growing a Good Head of Cauliflower


It’s been a while since I last posted and much has happened since I was actively blogging about our Indian Ocean Adventures. My most popular post was the post titled “An Honest Look at the Cruising Lifestyle”. Some people were troubled by the perspectives I discussed, others felt an understanding. Cruising is loved by some and for others it does not appeal. I fall into the latter category, not because of the challenge of the endless sameness of the sea horizon, or the challenge of weather and sea state, or the boredom, but because I love SOIL and have an unexplored need to grow stuff. I love the sea too . . . I love the rhythm of passage making, of working with the wind, the waves, getting to know fellow crew very well, but once our passage is over and we are at our destination, I need to be off growing something. Some anchorages are breathtaking beautiful and some marinas are lots of fun for a while. Being a nomad can be addictive, the excitement of a new landfall, new people, new environment, but I find I need to create and grow, to contribute and participate rather than be the passerby. So, by means of compromise, I sail occasionally on SY Jerrican, I am an active crew and love the journeys, the passages, the night watches the adventure, but once they are over, I like to go home, to Greenhaven Farm, in the Little Karoo, the beautiful semi arid part of South Africa where I put my hands In SOIL and learn about Permaculture and growing food. I have heard it said that farmers want to be sailors and sailors want to be farmers. The two lifestyles “talk to each other” and I am fortunate enough to have a choice of both. Perhaps this makes me a “Hobbit” by nature, fond of adventure but at the end, it is truly lovely to go home, to put on the Red Kettle, make a cup of tea and plan the next seasons planting.
SY Jerrican as an expedition boat, will be embarking on some adventures in the months ahead, in the meantime while plans crystallize, I have planted winter veggies and the days are getting cooler and shorter here in Montagu. Perhaps the next adventure will be another sail up the Indian Ocean . . .or a trip to Kergeulan in the Southern Ocean or, it might simply be growing a good head of cauliflower!